The Top Gun Expo Teams are teams that perform at competitions just like the full year and half year teams, except they are not judged and ranked. Instead, they perform for the experience and most of all – for the EXCITEMENT! Athletes on these teams are not required to be in a tumbling class but are more than welcome!

Competition Schedule:  4 competitions within a 2 hour drive

Twinkles Team PhotoTwinkles
Tiny Expo Team

3-5 years old? Love to jump around and be active?! Want to have FUN?! The Twinkles are perfect for a beginner cheerleader that wants to experience the sport of all star cheerleading!

Register today to reserve your place in this amazing group of awesome kids!! Enroll TODAY!! Call us at 440.937.5591 or find the Twinkles on our Class Schedule link!

• 1hr practice/wk – Sundays 4-5pm
• 5 Competitions
• Tuition: $55/month
• Competition Fees: Sept-Feb $50/month

Shining Stars Team PhotoShining Stars
CheerAbilities Team

We are excited to announce our 8th season of Top Gun Ohio’s CheerAbilites Shining Stars! CheerAbilites teams have caught on like wildfire in all star programs all over the country and the Shining Stars is the perfect team for all ages and all ability levels! This team places an emphasis on fun and building friendships with other teammates and their “buddies!” CheerAbilites Athletes benefit from their time together at practice, while building confidence learning to perform a 2 minute routine. Not only are social skills stimulated by participating but the excitement of their performances are an amazing memory for everyone involved!

• 1hr practice/wk – Sundays 6:30-7:30pm
• 5 Competitions
• Tuition: $20/month
• Competition Fees: Sept-Feb $20/month

Shining Stars ages are 8-Adult.

Call us at 440.937.5591 or find the Shining Stars on our Class Schedule link!