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Congratulations to our teams in Atlanta last weekend!!

We Kicked off our weekend with a HUGE honor – Intensity (Small Senior 5) was invited to perform on Friday night during a “Celebration of Hope and Cheer” along with teams like Cheer Extreme SSX, ICE Lady Lightning, Cheer Athletics and more!! Viewers were able to vote on their favorite team throughout the weekend via making donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Ohio Extreme led the Fan Favorite competition for most of the weekend, however ended up coming in second to Cheer Athletics – Thank you for all your support and donations to benefit a good cause!!


B9w9OkuIYAAHIAYIntensity takes 7th in a stacked Small Senior 5 division, our first competition with this group of athletes!



adrpyramidAdrenaline places 4th of 14 in a very difficult Senior 2 division with a season high score of 96.20!!


10991173_10105660495333895_8119588076108250578_nMomentum makes a HUGE comeback in Large Junior 3 from 5th place day one to win their division outright!!



10996165_10105673658215375_1796332740646468532_nScreen Shot 2015-02-22 at 2.35.13 AMFusion wins 1st in Small Restricted 5, beating out teams from Top Gun & The Stingray Allstars – receiving an At Large bid to The Summit!!



We are so very proud of all of these athletes and can’t wait until CHEERSPORT again next year!

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