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COA Columbus Results

logo-COANoShineWOW!! What an amazing weekend for both Adrenaline and Intensity!!

On day 1, Adrenaline placed 2nd of 9 in a tough senior 2 division. They came back day 2 and added a whopping .8 points to their overall score, pulling them into 1st place by .05 points! Well done!!


Adrenaline wins the Small Senior 2 Division!


Intensity earns a bid to The 2015 Cheerleading Worlds!










Intensity placed an overall 5th place in a VERY talented Small Senior 5 division, however their hard work and determination was rewarded when their total points and percent of perfection score earned them a bid to The 2015 Cheerleading Worlds!!

Fantastic job to BOTH teams and all of the Ohio Extreme athletes that competed in both Cleveland AND Columbus last weekend!!

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