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Ohio Extreme at The Summit: Recap

Congratulations to all of our teams making it to The Summit!! When it was all said and done, Force (Y2) was the only team to advance to Finals! Only the top 2% of cheerleaders IN THE COUNTRY get invited to this event and just making it there is a success in itself!! Your coaches are SO very proud of you and so are all of your parents and families!! Amazing job everyone!

"Got you hooked on Adrenaline, your heart's beating fast!"
“Got you hooked on Adrenaline, your heart’s beating fast!”
"Fierce Force, hear me roar!"
“Fierce Force, hear me roar!”
Momentum as the sun rises.
Momentum as the sun rises.
"Mo-Momentum, WORK! Fontega, OUT!"
Beautiful Front Stretches by Momentum!!










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