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Recent article lists Cheerleading as #2 (Swimming #1) safest sport!

2. Cheerleading

cheerleaders The highly competitive sport of cheerleading comes in at number 4 on our countdown. Incorporating teammates that get tossed into the air, makes this sport seem dangerous but is it?

Cheerleading is actually a great way to stay physically fit. There is constant movement involved and based on the way a routine flow’s, a constant amount of movement and a mistake free run through the program will result in the best score possible. The injury rate is much lower than football or basketball.

We think its a great sport for people to get into. The health benefits include mental happiness because of the team environment. Weight loss can also be attributed as can building stamina and muscle strength. There are some risks involved as there are with any sport and they can include the following.

Falls can happen that’s why practicing on mats is so important. Spring floors have been known to reduce injuries. You can see how spring floors work in gymnastics during rhythmic events. Stretching and having a good coach who understands the limits of the team is likewise important. Overall cheerleading is a fun sport that is one of the safer options to partake in.

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