1482 Lear Industrial Pkwy
Avon, OH 44011
Phone: 440-937-5591
Sun - Thu: 12:00PM - 9:00PM
Fri & Sat for "open for special events only"


I knew this cheer program was one of the best programs in the country. What I didn’t realize is the emphasis on growth development, individual attention, and care, and support for my daughter. Heather and her staff care for the whole child. They teach teamwork, respect, discipline, and personal growth. It’s not just about accumulating awards and rankings -although they are one of the top ranked gyms. It’s a family and I really feel that. It’s not just a job for the staff but a mission. Long after these girls are grown, they will bring these life lessons they learned at Top Gun into anything they do. – Meredith

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